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What’s Filenext.com?

There are many reasons, why you need online cloud storage. There are many website’s which offer online cloud storage and Filenext.com is one of them. People tend to upload high-quality content on this file host, which then is protected via a Premium only links for user’s to purchase a subscription from the host.

What is the issue with buying from the host itself?

Buying a subscription from the host itself would make you limited to a single subscription from the host. Opposite to that, you can continue to buy a subscription from a Multi-host with access to tons of file hosts at the price of one.

Filenext Premium offers a daily limit of 24GB per day. Whereas a subscription from Linksnappy.com would offer you 10GB per day with access to 70+ other file hosts.

What is Linksnappy.com?

Linksnappy.com is a multi-hosting service which offers you access to 75+ File hosts at the price of one. And LinkSnappy is the only host which offers a stable support to Filenext premium links. No other multi-host like Real-debrid offers the same.

Now let’s check its competitors? Shall we? Real-debrid:

Real-debrid fails to offer even capable support towards the host.

Our verdict

We have been testing various multi-hoster services. We found the most stable support to our download solutions which include content providers like Filenext and many more. With our tests, we concluded that we found no other multi-hoster as stable as LinkSnappy and our tests have been very positive with them.

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