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If you have been using Kodi for a while and lurking around with various Kodi Addons, you might have seen the name LinkSnappy and Premiumize mentioned a lot in those addons settings. These debrid services offer better quality and faster streams.

What are these services?

LinkSnappy and Premiumize are debrid services that allow you to download from premium file lockers, that are usually hidden on the system. With these services tagged and logged in, you will gain access to multiple file lockers with one account otherwise you would have to purchase individual account for each file locker. These two hosts have been around a while and are leading the market share of debrid services. One of the best services that is offered by these debrid services are cached torrents and hosts which help you access content on the fly almost instantly.

You have probably searched around content have landed on the websites like Rapidgator, Katfile, Openload etc and they have files hosted on them, to download free from them, you generally have to wait for a couple of minutes and go through ads and popups to end with a captcha and then proceed to a slow free download. Paid packages of these websites will remove those restrictions and get you access to your files directly but paying for so many file lockers is expensive and difficult hence these Debrid services are the best feasible options to use.

What are their main uses?

  • Allows you to bypass the restrictions set by the filelockers with adfree and premium download speeds
  • Allows you to download a torrent individually or use a magnet link and convert it to a direct HTTP file download link
  • Allows you to individually bypass video hosts specifically to stream content
  • Allows you to gain no-restricted filesize downloads without wait time or entering any captchas.

Whom do we prefer?

We have been using both the services to test out our streams and downloads but with the recent improvements of Unlimited downloads from LinkSnappy, we are more than happy to reach our verdict that LinkSnappy is one of the best debrid services out there. With LinkSnappy we got support from few of the best Kodi addons

LinkSnappy offers cached torrents and filehosts for quick and easy streams for instant service access. If you visit their website, you will be able to stream content via their webplayer. You can use their service with download managers like Jdownloader and Internet Download manager to download content on to your systems.

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